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FROM Going Coastal

The coast is much more than where the water meets land. When I hear those words, I envision lush hillsides with plentiful, many-hued wildflowers akin to such areas; mountains rising thousands of feet into the sky, their haloed peaks reminiscent of angelic guardians keeping watch over the waters below. I hear the mesmerizing lapping of water against slick rocky surfaces, or the ebb and flow of billowy waves softly sloshing onto sandy beaches, then, melding back into the waters from whence they came. I imagine the characteristic timberwork of coastal dwellings and hear the dull clopping sound of stepping onto a boardwalk. I see cranes and shorebirds of untold variety sailing in on cool, faint evening breezes looking for nightly shelter, and muse upon the lifestyle and people drawn to these areas.

This book is a compilation of these most vivid images which bring the senses to life. The images are gleaned from America's coastal areas from east to west and in between. There is little to read, but much to see, for I feel the pictures speak for themselves. It is composed of the large and the small, the known and the little-known, but altogether reveals that magnificent and mystical region which charms us into Going Coastal.

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