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               the wet city street glistens
                    as a brilliant moon ascends
                         beyond the horizon
                              in the changing moonlight
                                   shadows delight in deceiving my eyes--
                              now here, now there, now gone 

               footsteps echo
                    in the otherwise silent darkness
                         calling out to anyone
               who will hear (?)

               I turn quickly
                    to find they are my own
                         relieved, I turn a corner
                              only to be confronted by a merciless wind
               which beats against my face

               cold and wet, back to the wind,
                    I pull up my coat around me
                         and search for shelter from the impending storm
                              I am drawn by a soft glow in the distance
                                   which seems to emanate
               from beneath the street

               the inviting light woos me nearer 
                    I approach, descend a stairway
                        into the early hours
                              here I am comforted by the warmth
                                   of fire and friend
                              (one warms the body, the other the soul)


                 awakened by an unrelenting alarm clock,
                    I stumble out of bed
                         puzzled by the stale smell of cigarette smoke
                              which clings to my damp coat
                   as it hangs upon the bedpost


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"rainstorm" provided by naturesongs.com
Background Photo by Monica E. Smith