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With Pen and Ink



This Pen


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So Cold the Winter


 Cool Dreams

Power Beneath Aching









The wind blew in
through my window
and into my dreams,

rippling into sleepy thoughts
like ocean waves
upon the shores of my mind,

easing me awake
with it's gentle, rhythmic
ebb and flow

ebb and flow



and flow






Silver smoke spiraled

around a blackened chimney

and faded into a frosty mist.

The smell lingered long

after the woodsmoke vanished

deep into the cold winter night.




With Pen and Ink



On satiny white sheets

They come together, pen and ink

And upon that marriage bed conceive

What others merely think


This written word from passion born

Will live from age to age

It survives unto eternity

When put upon the page


It grows into maturity

With nuance as its guide

And learns to speak with eloquence

And knowledge by its side


So listen well to the poet's voice

Hear what the heart does think

See what can be possible

When one speaks with pen and ink





Can there be no sun

without the rain. . .


Is there not love

without the pain. . .


Why not laughter

without the tears. . .


Or greater wisdom

without the years. . .


Why never hello

without good-bye. . .


Why are we born

if only to die. . .





Why do people say I'm wrong

because I sing a different song?


Why do they always seem so sure

that what I dream will not occur?


Must I forever struggle in order to win--

would it be easier to simply give in?


But I must be strong and hold my ground;

I must let others hear my sound,


I must sing out until they see

the music is sweeter with harmony!




This Pen

The ink flows from this pen

Red-hot with passion

Effortless, smooth

And without the timidity

Of she who holds it


This pen sheds its lifeblood

obediently at the whim of the writer

And leaves behind the wisdom

Of the written word

For the world to ponder unto eternity






you called me




was happy



were happy



were happy


you left

without goodbye








A chug

A whistle

The train pulls out

Slowly at first


"There is still time"


Yet I remain

Unable to move


We pick up speed

My heart beats faster

With each revolution of the wheels



I stay


"I could stop this train if I wanted to"


Fields and factories and farmhouses fly by

My heart pounds furiously

I want to scream




But I don't look back

Eyes closed, I breath deeply and smile

On this train

Bound for. . .




So Cold the Winter

so cold the winter

so cold

the hearts of some


the ice will melt


so cold are some

so frightened

to offer love


of giving too much


so protected are they

so sad

the hearts of some


and empty without love





In the mystic moment

between thought and dream

you come, to take me there

where two can be one.


And in that hallowed haze

a Phoenix rises,

a woman now reborn

within the fire of love.



Cool Dreams


cool dreams flood her bed

urge the woman

to swim away

from shadowed sleep

let life sail on






Power Beneath Aching


Beneath aching

Love transpires

For bitter roses of spring sweeten

Only after the storm

When raindrop kisses nurture


In summer's sun-drenched midst




Endless reverberating echoes

Penetrated consciousness

Enveloping her in bittersweet memories

Embers of the past

Haunted and burned

Compelling her to return

The question lingered--

To live or die




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