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(Lovesong - for my husband)

Please Choose From the Following:

Porch Swing Day
Dancing Lesson
Until Nothing Else Matters
Sweet Surrender
Unfinished Symphony
Blossom - A Love Story
































Porch Swing Day

It was a porch swing day. . .
The penetrating warmth of the late summer sun
Yet the heralding coolness of autumn
Crickets so loud they muffled each sound--
Their swan song 'fore winter's frost would abound
A faraway whistle sailing by on a breeze
Sweet supple grasses which swayed with the trees
Crystalline water that sparkled like dew
In the broken stillness when gentle winds blew
The rustle of leaves that twisted and twirled
Stirred by gossamer feathers unfurled
A lazy day full with nature's hue
Meant for nothing better than waiting for you



























Falls steadily
Softly, almost silently
As we peacefully sleep
Content in each other's arms
What more could we ask
What more our need
Than this night
This moment
































Until Nothing Else Matters  

Love commands and we obey
With hearts pounding
In sudden urgency
And deepening desire
A profusion of sensation
Explodes into ecstasy...
Until nothing else matters    






























Dancing Lesson

You tell me you don't dance well.
But together we have found that place
On earth we all seek,
The sacred space which teaches
The rhythm of life
And the sweetness of its song.

And you have made that song
Your own; though you try
To keep it to yourself,
I have heard your heart sing in the sun,
Felt the cadence
Keeping time to my own and

To the music of this gentle earth,
Fluttering with the majestic flight
Of a great horned owl as it slogs
From its perch in our barn
Attempting to hide from view,
Sailing with the sleek blue heron
As it descends for an evening meal,
Throbbing with delight at the power
And beauty of dolphins in the distance,

You have smiled in tune to the
Antics of gulls and pelicans
Skimming through water as they play
Like children at bath time,
Your heart, though pianissimo,
Swelling to a crescendo of joy
At the manifestation
Of the white-crested ebb and flow
Of the ocean's magnificent tide.
How I need to share these things with you!

Please sing me the song
And together we will learn the steps.
Ask me to dance once again
And I will surely follow where you lead.







Unfinished Symphony
I hear the music
Long after you leave,  

Though it plays softer, sadder
Than when we are together.  

The melody we have written
Echoes far and wide.
It cannot be silenced
By reason of time and distance,
Nor will it ever draw to a close.  

Rather, our euphony will endure
Unfinished unto eternity,
Where we will meet once again  

To chant the melody of unity.      


























Sweet Surrender

I long to hold you  

you melt like warm chocolate
in a warm sun,  


I am filled
with your sweetness,  


you know
the truth
of my words,  

the craving is satisfied,
and I melt like warm chocolate
in a warm sun...

























(To Scott)

I remember the rain and you
were there, and how we poured
ourselves into each other
until the thirst had been quenched

love, perfect and new,
washed over us then
like that gentle rain
and cleansed us of all prior desire;
that pure water flows

still, its penetrating power saturates
every fiber of our being sanctifying,
baptizing in love's holy name




























Blossom - A Love Story
(For My Love)

Bruised and bent,
Two dying blooms
Feared the painfully bitter cold
Might finally separate them
From the already frozen vine
Upon which they hung.
They remembered all
That had come into flower
In their lives and prayed
For the strength to grow again.
Having no other recourse,
They looked within
Examining their hearts, and
Beneath the ice into the ground
In which they had been planted.
In utter joy, they discovered
The root intact and strong,
Supple and filled with life!
Their prayer had been granted,
And if only they could weather
The remaining winter through,
Come the spring, they knew
They would flower anew.

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