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Haiga is, simply, a haiku painting. "hai" refers to the writing (haiku) and "ga" means painting. The artform, haiga originated in seventeenth-century Japan and was used to decorate screens, scrolls, albums and the like.  In traditional haiga, one will always find three elements: an ink-brush or watercolor painting, the poem or poems, and calligraphy. As  in the spirit of a haiku, this artform is characterized by an "in-the-moment" depiction of the ordinary.  There is little detail, and only one or two colors for interest.

The interest in, and practise of haiga continues today, both in the traditional form and a more contemporary form, using digital photography and the haiku. 

I have always been fascinated with the intense "punch" a brief poem can give, the meaning and power even in the brevity of a poem.  So it seems natural that I would be drawn to haiku.

On this page, I offer for your enjoyment my interpretation of the contemporary form of haiga, using my haiku and my own photography.  I hope you enjoy.

(all work copyright of Monica E. Smith and not to be used without permission)

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